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Downhill Mountain Biking

Like bike riding, but hate pedaling up hill?
We offer some great shuttle assisted downhill runs!
Big Basin Downhill Mountain Bike Adventure
We'll warm our legs up by walking an easy, half mile loop to check out some truly amazing giant California Redwoods before we embark on our downhill adventure. Our path covers 12 miles of fire road while descending 2500 feet. The ride starts on a sunny ridge top high in the mountains, before dropping down into the steeper, faster section through the forest. The ride concludes with a mellow cruise through a cool, lush, green canyon before arriving at the ocean.  Spectacular views along the way, and the option to hike to some fantastic waterfalls.
Intermediate level riders and up. Please call or email for more information and pricing.
 Coastal Hills Family Fun Downhill Ride
Enjoy panoramic ocean views as you glide through grassy meadows down a smooth wide path. We'll stop and have a snack at an old historic ranch, then cruise along coastal bluffs.  The trail descends 1100 feet and covers 8.5 miles. 
Perfect for beginners and children! Please call or email for more information and pricing.