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Come out to the Santa Cruz Mountains...

 ...and enjoy a day of fun exercise mixed with some relaxation! You will see the most beautiful places our area has to offer. Hiking is great for health and the best way to enjoy this wonderful area. From Santa Cruz to Pescadero to San Jose, a great hike is never that far away. There are a number of fun options to choose from; ranging from easy walks to overnight trips. Shuttle assisted downhill mountain biking is also available out of Santa Cruz and Pescadero. At Santa Cruz Mountain Hiking Tours, we're all about having a good time. We can accommodate most group sizes and abilities.
About the Santa Cruz Mountains
The Santa Cruz Mountains are a unique and picturesque range. Wild and remote, they stretch more than 60 miles from San Francisco to Salinas. Climb boulders up at 3000 feet in the morning, hike to lush waterfalls during the afternoon and be down at the beach by dinner. The Santa Cruz Mountains pack a lot of beautiful scenery into a small place. From grassy ridge top fields to cool moist canyons, it is a region of great biological diversity. It is home to the tallest species of tree on earth, the magnificent California Redwood. You will also find a colorful array of wildflowers and wildlife. One of the most common examples being the iconic Banana Slug, which pretty much looks just like it sounds. Other commonly seen animals include; deer, squirrels, birds, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, lizards, snakes and on rare occasions, mountain lions, bobcats and rattlesnakes. So come on out and escape the summer heat in a cool, lush, green canyon or from a grassy ridge top while enjoying unspoiled 360° views of the coast and surrounding mountains.
The Santa Cruz Mountains

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