About Your Guide

Hello everyone!

I’m Logan Alexander, creator of Santa Cruz Mountain Hiking Tours. I’ve always had a passion for exploration and adventure. 

I have hiked many trails and climbed many mountains all over California, Washington State and the world. I have lived in 3 different countries. The first was Australia about 10 years ago when I did a study abroad program while working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Sierra Nevada College, in Incline Village, NV. I spent about 5 months living in a cheap house on the beach and surfing every day. After that I spent about 8 years in the Lake Tahoe area finishing my degree then working, all the while trying to snowboard as much as possible. Snowboarding is my favorite activity; I have been doing it for 21 years now. In 2009 I spent a year in Japan as a junior high school English teacher, and snowboarding as much as possible. I lived 2 hours from where they had the winter Olympics in Nagano, it was great. I was also very lucky to live close to the Japanese Alps and was able to do some incredible hikes there including a solo 3-day backpacking trip summiting “Tsurugidake”, not an easy mountain to climb. After returning home from an amazing year in Japan, the urge to travel soon hit me again. I wanted more of a challenge this time, and I soon found myself volunteering as an English teacher in a small village in the former-Soviet Republic of Georgia. I taught all grades 1-12. I even introduced them to, as well as coached, basketball.  Life there was difficult at times, but I had a great experience. The people of Georgia are amazing, the snow was terrific and the mountain scenery was unreal. I was very fortunate to experience many hikes and a few camping and backpacking trips in the magnificent Caucasus mountains. 

Now I’m back home where I grew up, and I’d like to show everyone the world-class scenery that the Santa Cruz area has to offer!


 Skyline, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Snowboarding at Bakuriani, Republic of Georgia

Crag Dome, Castle Crags State Park, California

Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, Japan Alps

Hiking with friends in Svaneti Region, Republic of Georgia